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Garage sheds are not just constructions, that house your vehicle; they are so much more! Be it a workshop or a second office, having that extra space is always welcome! A well-crafted garage shed in Perth adds storage space and increases the value of your property. 

These garage sheds in perth are built to last the harsh weather under the specified Australian standards. Our designs are engineered to withstand any environmental factor while also being aesthetically pleasing. 

Garage sheds are an economical choice for households aiming to extend their space for storage and functionality. Our team is dedicated to finding the best garage shed solution in Perth WA for every client! 

Perth's Premium Garage Sheds

Shedkits Direct offers the best garage sheds in Perth. We are proud of our focused engineering and manufacturing process that delivers nothing but the best. We offer premium-built garage sheds along with a warranty for the same. 

With over ten years of experience in the manufacturing business, Shedkits Direct ensures the highest quality craftsmanship paired with the most reliable customer service. We offer competitive prices and timely delivery as well.

At Shedkits Direct, we value your time and vision. You can contact us and inquire about anything specific to your project. Our dedicated team will get in touch with you to offer a consultation so we can start building your dream garage shed faster!

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Our Garage Sheds Range in Perth

Every client has different needs. At Shedkits Direct, we understand your unique requirements and cater to materialise your vision. Explore our premium garage sheds options to find the one that matches your needs!

Single Garages

Single garage sheds in Perth are quite common. Small families find these sheds to be the ideal solution to their storage needs. Single garage sheds start from 3mm in width and can have different heights and lengths based on your requirements. Several add-ons and modification options are available.

Double Garages

Who doesn’t love some extra space? With a Double Garage Sheds, you get dual doors and storage space to house a couple of vehicles. Our double garages start at 6mm in width with varying heights and lengths. Clients also opt for double garages to turn the space into a gym or a workshop. We can twerk the features to make the space ideal for your consumption ideas!

Triple Garages

Triple Garages are the perfect choices for households with multiple vehicles. Investing in a three-door garage is ideal if you are looking for additional storage space or a low-cost home office,

4 Car Garages

Our 4-car garage has lofts, workshops and even entire apartments. The ample space and multifunctional usage ideas make this an attractive option for buyers!

Open Bays

Open bays are an ideal improvement to your property that houses your vehicles along with bulky machinery and equipment. Open bays can be single bay, double bay, triple bay or even four-car barn structures, customisable in colours and material depending on your preferences.

Custom Garages

If none of the available options seems to be the perfect match for you, you can customise your garage with Shedkits Direct. After inspection of your property, we will design a garage sheds that matches your needs precisely. You can choose to add sliding windows, light and air vents and such add-ons during the designing process. With over ten years of experience in the field, we design and build garage sheds in Perth that match your vision, needs and budget within the intended time frame.


There are numerous steps to building a garage sheds, starting from inspecting the site, following by building the foundation footers, walls, and roof, and then installing the same. Building a garage sheds can be a strenuous task to take upon yourself. Trusting garage sheds contractors in Perth to create your custom garage shed is always advisable.

The cost of your garage depends on your location, climatic conditions, designs and additional features you wish to have on your sheds. The materials used and the add-ons can also increase or decrease the cost of your project. Cheap garage sheds are often associated with low-quality construction; thus, choosing a reliable manufacturer is crucial.