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Australian Barns

A barn is an agricultural and large building that is used for housing a horse, sheep, goats, and cows and for storing farm products or feed for the animals.

Shedkits Direct deals Australian Barns made by Australian genuine materials. 

It is usually a large building and a building for housing vehicles (such as trucks and trolley cars).

We have one of the finest barns materials and we can provide you with the best designs for your needs. Our Australian Barns can give you familiar and beautiful vines where your animals like horses, cows, goats, and sheep live. And also, you can store your seeds. 

We have two-story barns, liveable barns, and Australian or Aussie type barns which are general purpose barns; there is no end to the versatility, practicality, and charm of good barns.

Our (Shedkits) barns are designed using genuine Australian-made Bluescore Steel. So, we know it will be durable at any weather & harshest Australian conditions.

All our barns can be modified, customized, well designed, and finished in genuine color band design, with your choice of sheet profile.

Our Customized barns type:


WE provide you with various types of the door like;

  • Domestic and Industrial Roller Door 
  • Personal Access Doors
  • Steel Sliding Doors
  • Mini Storages Warehouse Roller Door 
  • Hanger Sliding Door 
  • Cyclonic Rated Doors


You can choose your farming options from our farming lists. We have varieties of options available. We have some designs you can choose from;

  • Alternative Hold down Options
  • Mezzanine Floors 
  • Internal Partition Walls
  • Curtain Walls 
  • Awnings and Annexes
  • Multiple Bay Options


If you want additional lights or additional skylights, we have some variety of roof installations;

  • Skylights 
  • Whirlybirds
  • Roof Extensions
  • Wall and Roof Insulation


Colorful steel sheeting and finishes are available in a range of 20 standard colors which indicates the natural beauty of Australian landscapes. Some of the colors that can give you ideas are;

  • Cladding 
  • Horizontal Color bond Cladding 
  • Accessories 
  • Gable Infalls 


Choose from your range of windows and glass Sliding Doors to suit your needs;

  • Glass Sliding Windows 
  • Fire Rates Windows 
  • Wall Vents


A barn may be a building of varying shapes and sizes used for housing large and domestic animals like (horses, sheep, goats, and cows). Enclosed pens used for housing are called stalls and may be located in the cellar and on the main level depending on the types of barns. Shedkits directly build different kinds of barns housing sheep and cows according to customers’ demands with modern techniques.


 Barn locally known as cow houses were built from double stone walls with truffles or through stones used or understood as wall tiles. In AUD, older barns were made with timber wood from trees and built as a log crib barn or timber frame. 

However, stone barns were built with cheaper building materials which are easily destroyed by natural calamities and risk cattle animals’ lives. 

But In the 21st Century, Shedkits Direct built a modern barn with modern tools and techniques and, more typically, steel building. Many farmers built this modern barn in WA. These commonly have gambrel or hip roofs to maximize the size of the hay loft. These barns were familiar to the Wheat belt and held large numbers of housing horses, sheep, and goats.