Carport Sheds

Carport sheds are an inexpensive investment that extends the storage space in your home. Usually, we think of carport sheds as open areas that house our vehicles, but they offer much more than simply being an overhead for your cars!  

Carport sheds can be used for outdoor events, pool settings and children’s play areas. They can be the perfect shaded area for outdoor dinners as well. Carport sheds are a great addition to your household, adding protection from harsh winds and sun, all while helping you create memories with your family! 

Carport sheds are ideal when you wish to add functionality to your buildings swiftly and in a pocket-friendly manner without investing in larger construction projects. 

Shedkits Direct manufactures the best carport shed in Perth. We guarantee project completion within the needed time frame in the budget you had in mind! So trust us with your home improvement project and enjoy the perks of high-quality, reliable service. 

Simply get in touch with us today to get a consultation. We can talk about the requisites of your specific project and give you an overall budget estimate. Then, before any construction is commenced, we will construct a design that allows you to visualise the results.


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Our Carport Shed Range

Carport sheds are customisable to your needs. Find the perfect fit for your home, and we can make affordable upgrades to modify them into your dream construction. At shedkits Direct, we offer multiple colours, designs and material options. 

 Our design team can also help you find the ideal match for your property. Find the seamless blend of carport sheds for your home today! Here are some of our range of sheds for Perth you to navigate through.

Gable Roof carport sheds

A gable is a triangular-shaped metal architectural element that can be added to the front or back of your shed. It is functional and adds beauty to your shed. The gable roof offers extra protection from rain and winds while giving a chic look to your home.

Skillon / Flat roof Carport

As the name suggests, this is a carport shed with a flat roof. There is no design pattern with this one. Such sheds are ideal for modern homes as they offer a clean, chic and minimalist appearance.

Caravan Roof covers

These are the customisable Carport sheds that house your RVs. You can modify the height of the construction to match the required clearance for your caravan. We will engineer the roof cover to withstand harsh winds and provide ample shade for your vehicle.

Boat/ Trailer Covers

We understand the need to keep your precious investments safe. Our trailer cover sheds protect your boats from the harsh, unpredictable weather and winds. Get in touch with us, and we will help you find the perfect dimensions and height clearance for your trailers.


Carport sheds are not an easy construction project, especially if you are unfamiliar with installation projects. It can be relatively cheaper for you to build your carport, but the success and reliability of the project are questionable! Thus we suggest professional help for clients without any construction experience or skills.

Yes, you will need permission to construct a carport. In most cases, from the local council or a private certifier. You can get the approval for the carport if it meets the requirements laid out on the Residential Code within 25 working days.